A Global Leader

As a global leader in precision measurement sensing technologies, VPG addresses an expanding array of applications in which accuracy, reliability, and repeatability make the difference. Whether it is in the design and safety of new generations of cars, trucks and planes, or optimizing advanced medical equipment and consumer products, VPG’s deep engineering expertise is making the world safer, smarter, and productive.


Precision Matters

Over the past several years, the need for precision measurement technologies has accelerated and transformed. Our markets have expanded beyond our core legacy ones, driven by trends in semiconductor test equipment, electrification, consumer applications, increased safety testing, and regulatory requirements, among others.

Structured For Growth

Our diversified operational strategy supports our three business reporting segments -- Sensors, Weighing Solutions, and Measurement Systems -- each segment is organized around complementary capabilities, operational synergies, and competitive positions to drive additional customer value. Our strong customer relationships and a track-record that spans decades, make VPG businesses the go-to supplier for providing solutions for the most demanding precision measurement and sensing challenges.

VPG Reporting Segments

Driving Value

Our strategy for creating value begins with driving operational excellence in everything we do. We are building strong brands and management teams, applying manufacturing focus and innovation, expanding our relationships with top-tier Fortune 1000 customers, and allocating capital to achieve maximum returns. Our investments in product and manufacturing innovation has created an expanded capability to address new and larger opportunities, while increasing our cost efficiencies.